Giant leaf o' doom

Giant leaf o' doom

I think this shows my leaf better than the other pictures I have. The bottom has soot sprites dangling all around it and my dear little blue totoro has his own umbrella. It is a really nice prop but it weighs a ton and is hard to use as a parasol for any extended amount of time. It also shows off my second set of claws. I learned my lesson from the first set never require model magic to be durable. My first set broke constantly on me but it makes really good make up appliances, that is how my whiskers are made.

My Neighbor Totoro
Gray Totoro girl
12 years ago

astillar Nice interpretation of Totoro. Very elaborate.

Vicky Yeah I agree, a neat idea! And very unique ^_^ I like it!

Chibi Ice Wolf hehe that's so awesome X3

BebopCola2021 Oh my goodness you are darling!!!! Bravo!!! Very original and very very cute! Yaaaay Totoro!

Maryslittlelamb !lol! that is so awesome! i love all your little props

ErinTheHalfABee That is delightful!

Kaijugal You made my day when I saw you in this at Cosutme Con. ^_^ Hee! It's so super cute and clever. Kudos to you! :)