Tempted by a Cowboy

Tempted by a Cowboy

YaoiCon in San Francisco, CA; September 2, 2001. Photo by Eurobeat King. I didn't realize I didn't have any of the cute Irvine/Zell shots Van Donovan and I did in my gallery. :O MEMORIEEESSSS. // Costume Notes: My jacket was commissioned; the rest compiled by me.

Irvine Kinneas and Zell Dincht
Final Fantasy VIII
Zell Dincht
Hot Dog Fiend
13 years ago

ColumbiaRikku AAAAHHHH!!!!! EVERYONE LOVES COWBOYS! YES! (it's cuz they make better lovers . . . or so I read on a tight, pink top worn by a very buff, and femenin man.) ^-^ tee hee!

Ryvian Zell: "So, if I make out with you you'll get me some hot dogs?" Irvine: "I'll get you some 'hot dogs', alright..." Anyway...Nice costumes. Don't mind me...*runs off*

Michi XD Sounds like a fitting caption to me, Ryvian. XD~ Thanks.

Solaria Your hair looks so short there! It looks nice though, like you got all the details incorporated, which is (sadly) rare in a lot of FF8 cosplays, especially Zell.

Michi My hair's tied back and under my shirt. It was still long back then. XD Thanks~ I just didn't have red shoes at the time. ;_;

vamphunterx I see a Brokeback Mountain scene comin' on

Zell Kinneas OH. MY. GOD!!!! To put it bluntly... I love you XD Well, not /really/ 'cause I don't know you and have my own Irvine who I wish would take sweet pictures like that with me... But anyways, you know what I mean. I hope XP You just rawk! YOU. RAWK. I give you a hot dog XP

Michi XD XD Zell Kinneas, I know what you mean, haha. I'm glad you enjoyed!!