Red and Black Vinyl Duet

Red and Black Vinyl Duet

YaoiCon in San Francisco, CA; September 1, 2001. Photo by ???. Oldschool cosplay photos. XD I wanted to upload this to prove that my Nikki costume existed. XD I never had the belt, my boa sucked, and I didn't have the shoulder armor.. but otherwise I was DAMN proud of it. I had such mediocre skills back then. ^^;; This was part of the many dramatic yaoi-tastic poses that went on that day at the first YaoiCon! My favorite parts are my belt choker and my red boot cover. XD Too bad this costume is in pieces. ;_; I'll remake it someday to be a LOT better. Fear my flesh toned bodysuit!!! // Costume Notes: Mine made by me, Nando's made by him as far as I know.

Nikki/Slash and Tatsuya Suou
Chrono Cross
Nikki / Slash
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15 years ago

Edea OMG i can´t belive someone cosplayed so love that character! and i always thought it would be such a cool character to look awesome! *_*

Michi Thanks. ^^ I've seen a couple of others, but that's really it. =/ Shame.

mygirlfriday AWESOME! Slash doesn't get enough cosplay love. If only I lived in SF, my Miki would have a partner.

Michi Haha, I go to cons in many other places though... ^_~

Angel_Rinoa The first Nikki I've ever seen! OMG! You the Best!!! :D

Michi Thanks very much!!

Mew_Pudding I LOVE it~~!!! Nikki is so smexy~~! Such an awesome character!! x333

Michi Heehee, isn't he? Thanks~

Tenucha When was Nikki's alternate name Slash?! o_0 The costumes look really cool!

Michi Tenucha ~ His name was Slash in the Japanese version; it was changed to Nikki in America. :P Thanks.

Queen Anime 99 Sexay!!! ^_^

FyreGothChylde never see any Nikki cosplayers, not to mention Tatsuyas..or at least I don't. ^.^

miku_suzumiya Omg you make a really good nikki!!! nikki is sooo cuteee!!!