Lyk, omg, a LEAF!!!!

Lyk, omg, a LEAF!!!!

This is me, dressed up as Luna Lovegood, freaking out over a leaf. Leafs probably cure cancer in pigglywiggly-murpleplanks or something...

I love my ridiculous hat! My grandma knitted it for me when I was eight, and it seems to work well for a Ravenclaw school uniform. :D

Luna Lovegood
Harry Potter Series
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood
13 years ago

LionBoogy Oh forsoothe! A wondererous Leaf of greenish fancy! Upon further inspection, I do believe this wonderful specimen of autumn poetry leads me to restrospect upon my daily rituals of borish studious affairs as something of a stepping stone towards sainthood! Oh I do wish I could be at the level of that dreadful marsupial we call Harry Potter, but that would not be fitting for us talented and resourceful Ravenclaws. Like this autumn Leaf, we too must strive to live at odds with the dangers of the harsh urban environment, challenge the Hogwarts status quo, and shed our dry skins to breathe free amongst the Heavens of Earthly Salvation! Little Leaf, Luna Lovegood shall endeavor to clamp down on Hogwarts cafeteria injustice! Luna Lovegood shall make balance where there is imbalance! Luna Lovegood shall turn icky boys into lovely bishounens! Luna Lovegood shall not fail!

Jaquii EXACTLY what I was thinking.

Lodi *squeeeee!* I love this pic! Love it, love it, love it!

Stripper Vash I like this picture... but lionel has totally outdone YOU jaquii..........for SHAME

The-Real-Link Wow. The Battle of the Photo and LionBoogy begins. Great shot!

Rynn Well since Lionel said EVERYTHING clever, I like your hat. I guess. I just remember hearing a lot of "WHAT THE HECK IS JAQUII DOING?" while you were taking this picture :D So perfectly Luna.

Jaquii People talk like that aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time, Rynn-dearie, not to worry! XD

Rynn XD That's how it should be! Hooray for weirdness! (And I still like your hat) :D :D

Jia Jem does lionel expect you to turn your monitor upside down to read that?

Jaquii Jia~ I think my monitor became a born again christian when it read that comment.

Keshi I love Luna Lovegood, major kudos to you for cosplaying LUNA :3 You make a gorgeous Luna, BTW!! ^______^

Betina Fei you are too beautiful for Luna... But anyway, this pic is really good!

UsagiTsukino PRETTY!!!

neoangelwink ^_^ i love it