"I wanted to save Hyrule..."

Photo by the lovely Lionel! <3

Princess Zelda
The Leged of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
13 years ago

mercure only beautifull^^

Kaoru27Umi wow you look so much like Zelda!!! awesome awesome job! ^_^

Vicky wow well done!

Duplica Pretty I love the dress.

Yuanie very well done ^_^ ... all the markings on the armour looks great ~!

dianabunny Such an excellent, elegant Princess Zelda! Sooo~ well made!

Rynn YOU IS SO PRETTY! Seriously though your armor looks so awesome! Nice work :D

Infini Beautiful Zelda costume. :D I really love the way the front apron looks, too.

Wolfmaiden14 beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! The details are Exquisite! You really did a fantastic job. And the colors are so vibrant!

Isadora Great i love your armour!

The-Real-Link Oh wow. Such a great pic!

Jaquii thank you everyone ^o^

effervescence Gaah your so pretty and I love the costume!

ParnsAngel Yay Im not the only one who's still posting Lionel pics from Acen! XD Loooovely!! You = Queen of Zeldas ^_^

Yunie-chan Gorgeous Zelda cosplay!! ^.^

Princess_Zelda awwwwwwe! sooooo pretty! i hope your dress didn't get dirty...eep!

Jaquii Princess_Zelda: sadly, it got very dirty. and ripped. and destoryed...thus it is officially retired, lol.

luzcy so cute!!!

neoangelwink your Zelda rock ^_^

Minakoeli wow!!! awasome!

Yunnaleska Lovely <3 I hope... i can make a costume like that ^^. - in a lot of time... lol - Congrats ^^!

MasterSwordette I'm inspired!! :) Great Princess Zelda costume. I hope my Princess Zelda dress turns out just as great! You're an inspiration to Princess Zelda cosplayers everywhere!

KazeChan Beautiful! You really look like her! Must've taken forever to make the whole costume!

InkyLink You make such an awesome Zelda! -InkyLink

etaru You're so beautiful dear!^^

shadowsage You did a great job on everything! I love the armor especially.

Fiona Me gusta mucho la armadura. Buen traje. ^_^

Hedelex aw, sorry about the retirement. Pretty Zelda! very good too.

bornahorse You are simply the best Ocarina Zelda I have seen! It looks very comfortable to wear. ^_^