Illumi Zaoldyeck

Illumi Zaoldyeck

Er...I wanted to gel my hair and see if I could pull it off before deciding to be Illumi at Anime Next 2006. ^_^ I took this shot in my bathroom...>.>;;'s my personal preview of my Illumi cosplay~ ^_^ Yes...those are real dissecting kit pins...o.o;; *shhh* don't tell~ ^_^

Illumi Zaoldyeck
Hunter x Hunter
Illumi Zaoldyeck
Hunter x Hunter
14 years ago

Elsch Nice~ ^^

jetspectacular *literally dies upon sight* fh setrP(&PR EHF:#T)%R WD%&^&*() FFSODBKANIKI! you make a damncool Illumi x.x! ONE OF US MUST MOVE CLOSER TO THE OTHER. (come to Anime Expo 06!!!!!)

adrawer4ever *bighugegawkingfreeze* le gasp! 1st reaction: *inner hisoka cosplayer coming out* Illumi-kun~! <3 2nd reaction: *sigh* I wanted to make the first Illumi costume I saw on teh webbeh. D,: overall reaction: ^w^ waaah~! sugoi, ne~! *spazz, die* you must take plenty of pictures for le drawer to look and comment on at ax 06' ne? ^^- ((le gaspness, I have disection pointies just like those. O.o; creepeh. . . ))

-Nayami- That is some awesome Irumi hair!!