Oh, NOW I get it!

Oh, NOW I get it!

You know, you really have to ask yourself...is it I who is reading the book upside down...or is it the book that is reading me rightside UP? Eh? Eh??? Think about that...

Luna Lovegood
Harry Potter Series
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood
13 years ago

Psyposer O___o~ owh... that's too much for me and my little shiny brain @[email protected]~ ooh! btw, that's a cool photo! ^^~

Michela YES: LUNA LOVEGOOD! I adore her character and am overjoyed that a cosplayer finally paid tribute to her! Your robes are skillfully made (I love the blue lining) and you portrayed the character exceptionally well. Excellent work!

limebarb its too deep for me to handle. wow, i honestly didnt mean anything perverse with that one. go me!

Jaquii Barb~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Rynn Just the fact that you HAVE a divination book is enough to make you awesome. Hahaha I love this picture XD

Milady To read a book upside down is the best way to detect an authentic cosplayer of Luna ^^I love your photo !

Elsch Really nice shot! ^^

LionBoogy Only the true believers of spiritual wisdom will fully understand the background behind the Yin and Yang concept. To read a book right-side-up is to understand only the face. But to truly absorb all there is to the spiritual well-being (or not-so-well-being) of humans and monsters alike, we must read a book upside-down! Remember art class, when we mere mogs would have to exercise our left-brain right-brain motor skills by drawing upside down? Oh but the stalwart Luna Lovegood is already ten steps ahead of the game! Forsoothe!

Lady Mana hehe awesome ^__~

ArsenalFierce13 The profundity is more than I can absorb, but I can still appreciate a great Luna costume. Thumbs up for Ravenclaw, too ^_^

Frida_chan Yayy!! *-* Luna!!!!! I LOVE THIS CHAR!! Congrats, you make a such perfect one *.*

neoangelwink omg u like first person seen do her. u did mazing job hug and u are so cute and ^_^ u do her justiest!

NightSRokD Wow! Are you her twin? Great cosplay!