The battle for clean teeth is a long and arduous task...

The battle for clean teeth is a long and arduous task...

...but I, Luna Lovegood, shall not fail!!!

Luna Lovegood
Harry Potter Series
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood
13 years ago

LionBoogy hahaha LOVELY! And I giveth thee Madame Luna Lovegood the ultimate weapon to fight tartar buildup and stains, this here new and IMPROVED Crest toothpaste the Hogwarts Edition! May the forces of evil never breach the walls of decent breath again!

Voltz Bright white teeth is a battle that perhaps will never end with horrible gingivitis always lurking around the corner.

smirnoff gnaa !!! luna is a crazy caractere ! !great job!!!!!!!!!

Lodi Ah, you're the first Luna Lovegood cosplayer I've seen! Yay! I really enjoyed that character so, I'm pleased to see your cosplay. Great job! I love your pose and the gaze.

Jia Jem so, like, if your teeth are behind your ear... do you get a lot of hair in your mouth when you're eating?

Jaquii Jia~ My mind is having a hard time thinking about that...

Keshi Indeed, thou shalt not faileth! :0

NytenGale ROFL! dork!! n_n nice pic!