The raised pinky is important!!

The raised pinky is important!!

This is a quick collage of a couple of pictures that were taken of me as Luna Lovegood at the Harry Potter photoshoot in Chicago before the fourth movie premiere. Whee!

Check out my toothbrush wand; I'm not kidding when I say that I made it out of a toothbrush; I can cast spells and fight tartar at the same time...or at least I could until I chopped the brush part off...

Luna Lovegood
Harry Potter Series
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood
13 years ago

Rynn Thanks to you, we are FINALLY winning the fierce battle against GINGIVITIS! But seriously you are the best Luna EVER and it was so nice meeting you!! : )

Milady hahaaaaaa ! luna lovegood ! she's so great to cosplay in ! LOL for your toothbrush... that's 100% her absent-minded-ish ^^

SongtressYuna13 Very beautiful Luna very Beautiful the picture was done soo well I Love It!

summoner_eilidh LUNA! Love is complete love :P I'm auditioning for her in the movie (not that it will EVER happen) Awsome costume! ^_~

RamyaKitty AWw! Cute Luna! I love the blue you have for it too... This looks great. <3

Jaquii I like how my hair manages to cover up every single shot of my Ravenclaw badge. >.>;;

Jill_Valentine Soo cute

The-Real-Link That's very nice looking, even if I'm not quite as in tune with HP as other members here. Ooo toothbrushes ^^

Lady Mana Wow fantastic! ^__^ Harry Potter Cosplay <3!

Minakoeli so cute!! Luna!! fantastic!!!!

Loony Lovegood LOL yeah luna *___* i cosplayed her at the premiere of the fourth movie TOO! X'DDD thats so cool *-*°