Okay, enough of that!!

Okay, enough of that!!


Here I am, in the stereotypical, pigeon-toed, "omg pleeez tell me I'm cute" pose. Despite the fact that Elena's poofiness was not up to par due to lack of petticoats, I think this costume turned out okay.

picture by Lionel/Lionboogy

Grandia II
Elena *epilouge style*
13 years ago

Chibi Ice Wolf great costume, such detail! I think I can spot some beading!! nice!

Ali This is adorable! Great job with the costume... the detail is remarkable!

Doll-chan Cute costume!!! Very well done!!!

kyandi-chan I love that costume on you! You look so cute and country! Fabulous job on the details!

CheshireCat great Elena I have never seen such a cute one before

Kairi G wow, that is one complex costume! you did great on it! very cute!

neoPootling <3 it ^^ /cheer for grandia II cosplay!

Imriela SWEET! *drools over the little details*

Ariah This is the first time I see Elena's ending costume. And you're so cute. Great job !

HaruVamp such a good job!

Jaquii thanks everyone! ^_^

cyankirby Fantastic job!!! I love your attention to details!!

Elsch OMG!!! Fantastic costume~~ THE DETAILS!! Awesome. <33333333

Lady Mana Wow I love this shot of your costume! I love how it makes all the colours stand out =D I want your staff dammit =P it rocks! ^__^!

Kacey Lady Mana~ She litterally threw the staff together in one night; she keeps talking about how she wants to overhaul it or something. And she complains about her boots.

Tohru Mizuno Very good job on the costume! You look adorable ^^

Lady Mana Kacey - Those boots rock! And just because the staff may have been made in one night doesnt stop me thinking its great and I want it XD. Mind you I always complain about stuff on my costumes...it must be a cosplayer thing, I am always wanting to remake different parts. Grandia cosplay is rare and its great that people who have done it so far that I have seen have done the characters excellent justice! ^___^

Jaquii Lady Mana~ I have many gripes with the way this costume turned out, but my biggest one is that I am lacking serious poofiness because I don't have my other petticoat! You've seen the ref shots, so you know how poofy this costume should look. I just don't do it justice. ;_;

The-Real-Link That was so gorgeous in person. You really did look like you were from the Netharlands or Sweeden ^^. Great job!

Rynn Dude...details like whoa! *__* I totally want to see this costume in person one day! Everything looks awesoommmmee!

Ruin Thumbs up. Nice attention to detail and good work on the much needed Grandia cosplay. -Gorilla

Faroresama Oh my god. I've never seen anyone do this costume! It's just so amazing!

Elaïse So great^^

Isadora OMG this is really adorable!

kiwi_lady WOW... soooo much detail I LOVE THOSE SHOES!! great job X3!

Jaquii Where's mau sexy Tio backup singah in this shot?!?!

OoTLink WOW! Cartoony!

ska beam adoreble!


Celine I love her epilogue outfit! You did an excellent job on it. I never thought I'd see someone make this design. It looks lovely in the photos!

HimeZelda Awww Epilogue Elena!! This is just amazing!

HimeZelda Oops Didn't realize I already commented on this... Oh well I guess your Elena cosplay is just so well made to me it caused me to accidentally make a double comment :3