Gluttony attacks!

Gluttony attacks!

Famous last moments in a centuries-old alchemist's life. But why on earth do we have such an audience? Won't anyone lend a hand here?

(Don't know who the awesome Gluttony is...apologies, Gluttony! Thank you for letting me drag you out to pose with!)

Dante / Lyra, Gluttony
Fullmetal Alchemist
-#&#-Decaying Heart-#&#-
14 years ago

AJ Angelique WOAH! Great job on the dress! The Glutt looks great...first one I've seen though...

audioventchick AWESOME! Wow, your Dante dress is beautiful! I haven't seen it made before... I also haven't seen a Gluttony either! *Loves it* Ooo, is that Envy on the floor as well? Peace, love, and crackerz! Shana \m/

The Element I'm the clueless roy on the left hand side waiting for you to get eaten! xD

Vashtastic i'm the other clueless roy behind gluttony ^_____^

Lilmrhalfazn <3 Hey there silentshadow, Gluttony here haha. I'm so glad we were able to get a few poses in, I LOVED your dress so much it just made me go like WOAH :O !! Haha.