Maakie ! I am currently selling this costume, please PM me when you are interested !


This picture gives me the feeling something horrible has happened (or is going to happen!) and Chrno is waiting for it. I think it has a really strange feeling to it, really different from my other pictures.

This photo was made by Kaj Schulten. I don't know his website or portfolio. So if you are Kaj, or know his website! Let me know, so I can add it here!
My first "real" costume.

Chrono Crusade was one of my first anime when I started watching. I fell in love with the style and setting of the series very quickly and also started to read the manga.

Because I was pretty much a beginner here, a lot of things aren't as they should be, for example the hair. I couldn't find a decent wig, so I decided to braid fake hair into my own hair with a pretty strange result. (Really don't know what I was thinking at that time! xD)

It think it's still fun to look back at this costume, it made me so happy at that time and it is a good point for me to look back on.