krys-chan I used my flash or you would not have been able to see the details, So the blades are normally NOT that shiny lol


Well the first version was covered in duck tape due to not a lot of time, this next version I put a lot of effort into :) I know it can still be better and I plan to remake it when my prop skills are even better.
I completely took apart the old one and started from the base Styrofoam I originally had.

By the time I finished there is hardly any Styrofoam on the blade and I used shiny silver paperboard to make the blade as well as cover the handle in the weaving design. I was going to use real leather but figured I would need to find an extremely thin leather in order to or it would be too thick of a handle. So instead I went with the paperboard and mixed browns to get the brown you see ^^

The gem: not many places had the rounded gem but I like the one I found. It has different reds in it to give it a more 'real' look but still look good on the blade so I decided to go with it.