SailorAnime I got three wigs on Tuesday and I just finished styling them ^____^

From left to right:
1. Sol Badguy - This was a birthday present for That_Guy....his birthday was in August I think...yeah...though at least it turned out nice! (Or at least it's starting to. I still need extensions for the ponytail in the back.)

2. Domon Kasshu - Oh, the difficulty! lol jk All I had to do was part the bangs. Grand total: 5 minutes. This is for our epic G Gundam group which will debut (in its full glory) at Acen '08. The Domon will be a friend of ours but I'll be the one making the costume.

3. Touya - OMG PROGRESS!!! After starting this costume nearly two years ago, I finally got a wig. It had to be hand dyed with marker (both sections). It took sooo long! I went through 4 markers! (3 on the blue 1 on the green) But it was so worth it! I love how it looks! ^___^