I made 40oz of dye with 5 sharpies per 8oz 70% alcohol (equal parts aqua and turqoise). Not only was it hardly enough to cover all the fibers, when I went to rinse it most of the blue dye came out and left most of the wig light teal, light green or completely white :l I cried. If I hadn't put so much time and money into this thing I would've lit a fire and thrown it into the fireplace despite it being so hot here already.

(Sorry for the phone camera quality) The wig is a 60" white wig from wigdepot on Ebay and I had seen someone dye one lavender for another cosplay so I'm not sure why mine was such a failure. The strip I did first came out with minimal damage so I don't know if it was becasue I didn't let the rest sit long enough? ;-; Sigh.. I just don't know anymore.

I really was considering abandoning the cosplay since I had less than a week to find a solution, but I had told so many people to expect me there as DWC Miku and so many of my friends helped me complete this monster that I tried to find a way. Luckly, EpicCosplay had a wig in the color I needed and it was still fairly long. So while it wasnt the custom color and ridiculous length Id been going for, it was more than good enough c: And whats even nicer, they new I was tight on time so they let me come pick it up because they're in my area ;u; Seriously, they saved my ass.

i still plan to finish what I started though - somehow OTL

AND BEHOLD! 8D Raerae holding up my wig