BuddhaAlex Yes, I'm hiding.
Photography by the wonderful AlphaK10
About the costume: My first attempt to pattern a pair of costumes -- one for me and one for my dear friend, DarkGaze2002, who is my inspiration in so very many ways, she is also a dead ringer for the main character of the series... so it HAD to happen.

The costume is completely lined, with the ruffled cuffs and collar pure china silk (oddly appropriate), all designs and fabrics chosen by yours truly, and patterned, arranged, cut, sewn, assembled and worn by yours truly, BuddhaAlex. This is probably one of the heaviest costumes I've ever worn, as the underskirt and middle skirt (bridal weight satin and poly-charmeuse, respectively, are 3/4 circles, and the overskirt is fully lined. A truly rediculous amount of fabric. The tunic reaches my knees beneath the skirts, and was designed after models from Han Dynasty China, approximately 1,000 years ago. The skirts are relatively similar to those worn at the time as well.
The hat is attached to my hair (yes, that is the real stuff, about two and a half feet long) using a set of amazing clips I got from Walmart -- the originals were (as far as I can tell from the paintings) attached with a strap under the chin, however there is no such thing in the Manga and so there is no such thing on me. Sigh. Any further questions please feel free to post!

Pictures were taken in the Beautiful Missouri Botanical Garden's Chinese Garden, in approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So if I look a little chilly its because I'm an Emperor-cicle. It hurt when the wind blew!