Maakie A stage picture I really like! It looks like I was so close to the audience, haha!

This was the part where I made a bow to the audience and judges during my act. I love the light here!

Lilith Cosplay made and worn by: Cosplay Maakie (me)

Picture made by: Joyce Davidse (if someone knows her website/portfolio let me know so I can add it!)

All the Work In Progress of this costume is moved to:
Ever since I saw the character design of Lilith for the first time, I knew I wanted to cosplay her! The big "problem" was that I thought Lilith wouldn't be a good cosplay without a Morrigan. For multiple years I asked and looked around to try and find someone interested, but without succes. Until a few months ago! After finding my Morrigan, we started to work on the costumes together to make sure they would be the same in style and construction.