Kudrel Here's an all-angle close up look at my Drogon for my Daenerys cosplay. I'm so proud of him! I used to draw dragons all the time in high school and college, so it worked out really well going 3D for the first time.

He took about 10 hours in total to put together. I built his base out of a foam block and air-dry modeling foam. Some of his facial features were created with strategically places globs of hot glue. I then covered him with tiny stick-on pearls one by one to create the bumpy skin look, and used fake fingernails to create the scales on his stomach and head as well as his claws. Wings are heated and curved sheets of generic fun foam with a wire base. Tail and legs are fortified underneath the foam with tinfoil.

Once all these little bits were in place, I covered him entirely in Stucco gel to fill in gaps and created the grainy texture. He was then painted with a black base coat and finished with a dry-brush effect to add colour and shading.