miaka2u Wah! My sister were invited to be the twins for the We Go For Kyouya group at AWA XIII's (2007) ball. We had a wonderful time being our dorky twinselves and hanging out with the Host Club! Everyone was great!!!!

The costumes are not by us, they were made for us by our lovely Mori-sempai with the help of everyone (BUT US) in the picture. XD Thanks so much you guys! And here I thought the twins were supposed to be into fashion and make-up.

The wigs were styled by us though. XP And our authentic twinness is by us too. XDDDD Well, really, God, but I'm still taking partial-credit for that.

I love our Haruhi! So, the question is WHICH ONE IS HIKARU, WHICH ONE IS KAORU?!

Photo by Lionel! <3 That man is awesome!

Tamaki -Kichara

Kyoya - Evali

Haruhi - yuffieleonheart

Hunny - Imriela

Mori - athena-chan

Hikaru - Me

Kaoru - raNar