Costume is LATEX, made by

Fullmetal Alchemist
Full Metal Alchemist
13 years ago

Mizu angel WOW!!! ^___^ that's so cool! You really did a great job with the costume and her personallity lol. ^_^ one of the best ive seen so far! great job!

SkippingSith Excellent! Great job with the posing and expression. You pull off the costume very well.

BustaJonesGavin Hotter than god.

makonurikoryoko You are an uber sexy goddess! Jeez this costume is freakin sexy!!

Touya no miko RAAAWWR! Sexiest Lust I've seen so far.

rhichan OMG. This has to be one of THE best Lust's I've ever seen. Not only does the costume look great, but you have that sexy-yet-don't-give-a-damn look Lust has!

Kayla OMG! WOW! *o* AWESOME Lust! You're perfect! you just have that evil look to you ! xD Amazing! *kudos*

IchaParadiseFan You look exactly like the real deal!

Solaria You make an absolutely fabulous Lust.

ayanamilisa have sex with me OMFG!! lol you look really bitchen

Daitenshi You = Live action movie version. <3

Maril May I please bare your children x.x

Scruffy Rebel Wow that must have been hot to be in! You are such an amazing Lust, it's just totally jaw-dropping awesome. Best Lust ever, you look so pretty!

Angel_Rinoa The best Lust I've seen! *o*

HealerKou Lindze babe, I love your eyebrows. I just wanted to say that. ;P

BebopCola2021 tres sexy! ^_^

Elaïse It's amazing^^ I really love your look^^ Great!

marmar dayummm thats hot!

Liriel Terrific!

jules_yzak_duel You are lust! *joygasm*

Knightfall Yowzer... Very nice Lust. (that felt slightly weird to say, but you know what I mean)

melichan Awesome costume!! Yowza! Lindze strikes again! XD Go go curvy cosplay girls!

yuniris oaww! you looks like her a lot! good job!