The best of the 7 sins.

costume is LATEX (not vinyl or PVC) and costume was made by latex designer,

Fullmetal Alchemist
Full Metal Alchemist
13 years ago

picc I've said it once or twice, but I'm moved to say it again: Friggin' beautiful.

Supremeronin Oh my! That is unbelievably sexy! Oooooooh! (*.*)

IchaParadiseFan great shot

Angel_Rinoa Oh my you look amazing!!!

Master1080 Wow. You have been the best Lust I have seen thus far. Great work!

Jaquii woah, super curves!

ArsenalFierce13 Rediculously sexy Lust

melichan Perfect pose! Go go curvy cosplay girls!!!

Super-Skrull Hommina hommina hommina hommina

Cat-chan Oh man, Lindze, you look amazing in that!

Ivy OMG you are SO glamourous

Kazeki that pose is so..Lust XD

Fira I love this shot.. and you're so terribly sexy!

worbl This whole photoset has been wonderful! Excellent job all around Keep up the sexifull good work :D!

bossbot fave shot! love it to death! you are THE lust, seriously!

Zacharyxbinks My god... SO hott.

Vikku Best Lust ever! You look drop dead gorgeous! *adds to favorites*

Luminescence As much as I don't like Full Metal Alchemist, I do think this is an absoutely amazing photograph. You look so gorgeous! :)

Sforza_Chan perfect, its absolutley wonderful, going with latex is ideal!

megami_chan really beautifull picture