kaliko_rosa Woo, have I got a story behind this one! ^_^

First of all, Tenshi and I have bad luck with the press or anything like that. We actually did get a good amount of interviews and photos taken at AX, but we NEVER ever managed to track down the pics/interviews or find out whether they even used them. Our ventures back home in Canada with CityTV would prove a more succesful (with some Saiyaman prodding XD)

Well basically, the reporter approached us on the first day, the Friday. She needed a "closing clip" for her segment in the news... airing in a mere 40 minutes! (geeze, they're FAST). She chose us to do a geeky superhero action pose as she walked closer to the screen. We kinda "waved" her in, like guards ^_^;;; Anyhoot, there were problems with the fecking location because the Dealer's was closing, and the lights were going off, and the annoucnements were blaring. We got back to our hotel ASAP to see what became of it... turned out they decided to scrap the clip :(.

The next day, we were randomly walking around when I saw her again. I pointed her out and Tenshi dragged me after her, XD. We approached the apologetic reporter who was setting up a shot with two other cosplayers (from SMA! COOL! XD). So she let us join them in her assumed debt. It wasn't as cool of a shot as our other one, but I was happy! It aired! Unfortunately our hotel was CRAZILY CRAPPY and this cheesy photo of a screenshot was all I got of it.

Well, we did get a VHS recording by family.. but I'm yet to take decent screenshots.

The reporter actually took a picture with us too! lol. She enjoyed her cosplaying moment, as we enjoyed our Newsflash moment, XD.