Straywind After a couple of years of talking about it, Ammie and I finally were able to wear our Rozen Maiden costumes together at Youmacon this year. :3 Ammie made her amazing Suigintou costume a couple of years ago, but didn't get a chance to wear it until Youma. I finally made my Shinku costume for AN this year after wanting to Cosplay Shinku for the last 4 years. XD Getting together with Ammie for a Rozen Maiden shoot has been something I've looked forward to since we first talked about Rozen Maiden Cosplay in 2009.

I had lots of issues with my Shinku costume at Youma. A shoe ribbon came loose and my bonnet kept falling off right before the shoot so I was a bit frazzled, but Solartempest was still able to get some lovely shots of us. My bangs are a bit askew for the shoot. I just got them cut, but I need to clean them up a bit before I wear Shinku again. I definitely will be re-wearing this costume at least a couple more times before I retire it. It's a lot of fun to wear and I'm glad all the hard work that went into the costume actually paid off in the end. :3