SaltySlippers this photo was weird to take. 0.o i had to stand on my toilet. thus hitting my head on the roof.

but anyways this is it about 50% done. ^.^ i have the shoes. which are awesome by the way. they have little flowers all over them as opposed to just plain pink shoes. i also have my necklace but i didn't have it on at the time.

the only thing i need left is to fix the seams a bit, put on the hood, and buy the white shirt. : ] this took me about 4 hours to make.
and i am glowing. X.X

EDIT: Er. I am a idiot. ;-; I had the PERFECT kairi hair..until I dyed it brown. Ergh. Now I don't know when actual pictures are going to be put up. Jah. Maybe I can make due with brown hair for her?