This costume is retired now, never to be worn again.

The only part of this costume I still have intact is the damn ocarina, which I bought from a professional ocarina maker in Wisconsin (so you can actually play music on it, oh snap!) I decked it out to look like the Ocarina of Time, but it actually came in that pretty blue color!

Photo by Lionel (aka Lionboogy).

Princess Zelda
The Leged of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
12 years ago

Chibi Ice Wolf It doesn't look poorly made! You make a great Zelda!

Michela This is a beautiful photo. I do not see any piece that was constructed poorly, though; the costume is quite lovely. ^_^

Cicatrice Awwww so pretty :3

The-Real-Link Such a nicely composed shot. Really, it's gorgeous and you should have nothing to complain about!

Duplica I love that costume it so pretty i know I could never make a Zelda costume like that even though I want too, I know I can't because I not that good.

Kacey Don't say that! You never know how good you are until you try (I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true)!

OoTLink Hehe, it's still a good cosplay :) *tries to think of more to say but can't really* I like your hair :)

the_Real_Ganon OMG Zeldi-kins you are so beautiful. I'm so lucky.

Jaquii Geneve~ Is it because the concept of me blowing an ocarina is that hot?

misplaced Great costume! I wish I saw quality like this on Zelda's up here!

simonsaz3 Wow, that's pretty awesome! =)

manolo-kun oooo my princess again