A nice picture showing my obi (which was needing to sit higher up).

The rest of my nit-pick: the pink on my sleeves came out a little uneven, which is rather too visible here. I was using my FFX-2 wig and I bought the skirt, so it's not the correct colour and the painting isn't too neat. I'd like to redo it sometime.

I really love this costume though, so I hope to improve it in future.

Summoner Yuna
Final Fantasy X
Yuna Summoner
Yuna Summoner - Final Fantasy X
13 years ago

Anja very realistic ! nice work... i love your costume ....

BeforeCrisis You are such a cute summoner Yuna!

Chibi Ice Wolf beautiful Yuna!!

Crystalike ooh! th eprettyniss!

Princess_Moon awesome pose!^^ very well done!^^

SelphieTilmitt Your costume is really good. ^^

strawberrykitte Your costume is excellent good job ^^

Alessa really a very beautiful Yuna costume!

Renmiu I think this is beautiful. I'm making my yuna skirt right now and I am using a dark blue/navy. Looks almost black sometimes... I like the darker look over the bright. Even if thats not the way it should be. I'll make a second version with embroidery when I'm not in a 2 month rush.