Fatwetdog OK, I genuinely love Ciel as much as I have ever loved a character. (And that's saying a lot, since I've genuinely considered moving states to avoid losing a beloved D&D character.) This isn't one of his flashier costumes, but it's very much my style. I especially had a good time playing with all the fabrics I picked up for this. The suit itself is silk dupioni, the shirt is silk organza, and all the red bits are a fantastic loose-weave wool. (OK, pin-tucking a wool with that loose of a weave is a pain like you wouldn't believe.)

I really just want all of Ciel's clothes. (erm. And I'm kind of in the process of getting them. I have the fabric I need for 2 of his other outfits, and I've got the 3rd narrowed down to two options. Which one I get will depend on what kind of a deal I can negotiate for it.)