Straywind Cosplaying as Shinku was one of the most ambitious and challenging costumes that I've ever done. It's also made me take a long, hard look at why I Cosplay and the style of Cosplayer that I am.

I've wanted to make this costume since 2007. I never actually really got into Rozen Maiden (I still have yet to watch the Anime) but in the last couple of years I've become a bit of an Anime poser deciding who to Cosplay based mostly on designs versus because I seriously like a series. I will get around to watching Rozen Maiden though. XD

This costume was a huge challenge. The material didn't like to cooperate when I worked with it. I managed to burn panels of the dress (something that I've never done before in the 10 years that I've been Cosplaying). My pre-styled wig that I paid quite a bit of money for became pretty much ruined in a series of disasters. It was super frustrating. At times I wanted to throw in the towel and give up on the costume, but I'm so happy that I didn't! All the tears and sweat really paid off despite the fact that I didn't have much of a life in May while I was working on this! I have to give my mom a lot of credit for helping me fix a lot of the sewing on the dress. Parts of the seams like to come apart because the fabric disintegrates. I've used a ton of no fray on seams and when I could excess fabric has been cut using pinking shears to try to deal with the fabric fraying away, but this dress can be quite thready at times. (^^);;

The bonnet has wire in it and I want to add more so it won't droop as much and I need to figure out if my wig is salvageable at all or if I need to buy a new one. Overall I'm really happy with the costume and I plan to re-wear it a lot in the next few years. It's a lot of fun Cosplaying as Shinku! Eventually Ammie will be Cosplaying Suigintou with me and I look forward to maybe getting a big Rozen Maiden group together. I just love the character designs! (^_^)

Thanks to Pan-Chan for putting up with me complaining about this costume (and helping me with my wig malfunctions). She also snapped this nice picture. I wasn't able to do a proper photoshoot of the costume at AN so eventually I'll have to get some nice shots of it.

After making this costume I think I’m going to step back from taking on complicated Cosplay projects. I’m not really cut out for drafting and altering patterns. I’m going to take on fewer Cosplay projects and stick with more simplistic costume designs in the future. For anything more complicated, I'll save my time and my sanity by requesting commissions. XD