This photo made my inner FFX fangirl's heart explode!!

gahhh Teeny as Yuna makes me melt. <3 She's so perfectttttt

Version 3 of these costumes (possibly more for Teeny?? XD). Not entirely finished tho! I have a LOT to replace. New shirt and accurate fingerless glove made for AX! The shirt needs some fixing up and I plan on making a new leg pouch, belt, oversized glove, wig, goggles, and maybe new boots too. I'm also making one of her targes and looking into a new claw! >8D

the moment I can afford to kidnap myself for Teeny to Okinawa, WE ARE SO TAKING OVER WITH THESE COSTUMES.

Costumes made by their wearers!

Yuna: Hiyoko-chan

Rikku: me

Photographer: the amazing and hiliarious Darkain @ AX 2011 !!!