KoriStarfire I really like this photo (along with the other two I have yet to upload, but one at a time folks!) and it was really hard to pick which one to post next.
You can also see more up close the sword I made for this costume. Yes. Sailor Venus has a sword. It's in the manga in season 1 (and one special episode in PGSM.)

It was my first time making a sword and I'm really proud with how it came out. Overall its pretty durable. Of course there are some things I wish I could have done better but I also lacked time so I had to kind of rush the end a bit. (I wanted to sand it down and fills cracks and sand again a lot more. I also wish I was more skilled at painting and had better paint. lol. There are other bits as well that I wish i could have done better but I really lacked the experience in prop-making to do it the way I wanted.) But I think for my first sword this came out really nicely! I definitely learned a lot.

Photo by StillVisions
Costume by Me
Location: Shutocon