Wolf 03

Wolf 03

In progress photo of a new wolf mask

Black Spiral Dancer
13 years ago

dressdragn That is awsome! how do you plan on covering the soft foam? ~Anna

Wookiemart WOW I must say... I'm jealous of your skill with foam :)

Eleryth That is so cool! Definite mad foam skills. What type of foam is it, exactly? Styrofoam? Looks a little 'softer'... is it carved out of one block? o.O

BebopCola2021 SCARY! *runs away...* *comes back* how DID you do that?

ska beam Wooww *-* Scary!!!!!! But so awesome dude!!!

Angy Too scary!!! ..::Runs away::.. Really cool mask!

Lynx Thanks all! I started with a generic canine foam latex mask I made a year ago and then started hot gluing on 1/4" craft foam I got at Joann's fabrics. The teeth are a temporary taxidermy set I used to get the size right but I'll be sculpting a jaw set for it by hand. It'll all be covered in short black fur so you'll hopefully still be able to see the muzzle rippled in a snarl. The eyes right now are white stockings stretched over 2 10ga. steel ovals with the eyes drawn in in marker.

HaruVamp woooooooot!!!! so you are wearing a latex mask under it? cuting foam is evil ^^

xrysx you are amazing!