Rockin' the world!!!

Rockin' the world!!!

Elena has a change of heart becomes a rockstar at the end of Grandia II (using her staff as a microphone). Tio and Lionel are her back up singers.

photo by Lionboogy (aka Lionel)

Tio and Elena
Grandia II
14 years ago

Jia Jem When do tickets go on sale? I'm totally gonna be in the front row. You better spit on me.

Never_perfect32 another American Idol reject.

Kacey Jia~ Geneve and I will spit on a piece of paper and give it to you as a present which you can treasure forever. <3 Never_perfect~ We're actually going to be the judges on the next show.

Jaquii Oops, that was me that left the comment, but Kacey forgot to log out. Or at least I forgot to log her out. Or something. Yeah.

The-Real-Link Awesome! I can somehow soooo see you guys touring the nation!

Lady Mana lol cool~ XD!

ParnsAngel Hahahahaha, awesome awesome possum XD

Psyposer Hoahahahahah this is the best xD