ammnra My second attempt at a Tail helmet for my friends costume. Still has all the bells and whistles of the old one (voice activated mouth light...etc)

old one had a problem with the spray on tinting I was using "back in the day" on the purple/black dome. You could see "OK" through the dome but you best not plan on operating any heavy machinery in it.

Heard a rumor you could dye PET plastic with RIT dye and decided to give it a shot (i.e re-do the entire prop). This version is perfectly transparent (you can read a book in it) and due to some better source photos it's a little closer to the in-game version.

There's actually 2 stacked domes in this version. The outer dome is dyed a very transparent purple and the inner dome was dyed black. The inner dome Velcros in and can be removed/swapped out depending on lighting conditions.

BTW: 8 packs o' dye to ~15q H2O @ 170DegF for ~20min
iDyePoly 1 pack to ~20q H2O @ 130DegF for ~an hour