Neptune, Uranus, Pluto henshin wands

Neptune, Uranus, Pluto henshin wands

These are the henshin wands I got commissioned from Ducky_feet!!! They aren't done yet, neptune's star fell off and pluto needs to be touched up... but WOW! Makes me wanna make the costumes to go with these wands. XD

15 years ago

Genki_Usagi those are sooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!

ducky_feet Ah! You put them up already, LOL!!! Yeah, they would have been in better condition if I wasn't such a klutz and dropped them this morning. ¬__¬ Plus, I'm STILL not happy with the colour of the moon on Neptune's wand. ME NEED MORE REFERENCE PICS! Haha, I just noticed that the glare of the gloss on the wands is enough to make a person go blind. ^__^;

ChibiRinoa awesome!!!!! i want! hehe

kylash327 did you make these out of foam?

ducky_feet Just the large balls and the crescent moon were made of foam, everything else is mostly wood. Kekeke, you should make the costumes to go with them Nine!

lialia omg those are awesome!! lol i want one

nyamiko_chan i want one ^^ heh heh uranus XD that's who I'd make!

Nine ducky_feet - DON'T TEMPT ME! XD *restrains himself from cosplaying them* Maybe for 2004.. hehe

ducky_feet Muhahahah! YOSH!!!

Eclipse180 O_o;; .....*steals* Bwahahahaha!!!!! XD

Miki-san Whow! those henshin wands look great ^_^

kyandi-chan oooooo i want ... A MILLION OF EM! they're so nicely crafted! i remember i made sailor jupiters henshin wand *from R? i cant remember* and gave it to a friend. thats when i was bad at crafting things. i think it was made out of model magic *shakes head* did you use fiberglass here?

Tigerlilly my friend made me the pluto one for my birthday. where did you get yours?

rdillon you should put these on ebay

icypenguin good stuffs