Light Show :)

Light Show :)
@Ken Hopkins

one pic more. here´s better to see the lights (but not really the light in the staff).

Final Fantasy IX
Vivi (Final Fantasy IX)
13 years ago

Aneris best vivi i've ever seen! it's so great!

Kit Foxfire *___* best vivi. ever.

RPGirlNess Wow!! Amazing! Vivi is the best and you are the best Vivi!

Anime_Otaku_Mel I concur: BEST. VIVI. EVER. O____O The eyes even light up, how cool is that?! I am in love with your Vivi! <333 He was always my favorite FFIX character anyway...

Lady Mana o___________o!!!!! *dies from awesomeness*

Sohi Yay~ wirklich der beste vivi den es bis jetzt gibt :) ~ haha~

WiredClover To reiterate what everyone else is saying: awesome.

akaicrymagaku you were soooooooo awesome <3<3<3<3<3

The Element You're my god. How are you so small?

kill you are the best vivi ever -you win >XD!

Ephemerality You own my world! Marry me!

Rydain That is utterly fantastic work.

Rei-sama That is the most accurate Vivi I have ever seen! So awesome!

Ken Hopkins @the element i´m not so small, i´m kneeling ^^" @all DOMO ARIGATO!!! ^____^

DarknessSummit VIVI!!!! really great vivi, the best ive seen *wink*

Sakura That is SO AWESOME!!! ^___^

Selphie keeeeeeeen du bist sooooo genial ^^ soooo klein (mit hut XD)

Mira Twilight One of the best costumes I've seen, period. That is all. :D

Princess_Garnet Honestly, you rock. This has to be my favorite costume ever made. I love Vivi, and you do him AMAZING justice. If you ever EVER get to a con in the US, let me know. I want to see this up close and get some piccies in my Dagger costume.

kyandi-chan Wow! That is so great and the best Vivi ever! Top-notch costume contruction! :D

tiffa ahh! your the best vivi !O_O! *bows down to your greatness xD* how am I ever going to make this costume on my own u___T

Blue Sasarai omg,gorgeous detailed vivi!! lol for some reason i just picture this vivi running around all weird after a zidane XD

K U R I Father my children! You rock!

KnuxieChan You are the coolest Vivi EVER. <3

LousyItachi That's really just friggin' unbelievable. That's all I can say.

CheshireCat cuuute ^^

Lady_Hinoto omg, your eyes glow really!!

Ken Hopkins thanks everybody. ^_^ @garnet: maybe, if we become enough money (and time) together, we will fly next year to the otacon 06.

† Wolfwood † One of the bests photos from youre Vivi Cos! ^___^ I like the lighteyes... *.*

ilumiari *wow, this is the most comments Ive ever seen, I think!* That is totally awesome. Follow the Lights...

ChocoLime OMGGG This is really i mean i have only one word for it : AWESOME!!! The best vivi i've seen so far. N vivi lights up O_O ;;; whoaa

Dymatrex VIVI!!!

KeiKei *_* i love this costume so much!!!!

dianabunny By far, the best ViVi cosplay ever! This just amazes me~! I am SO impressed~!

Psyposer O__________O OMG~ you are definetly my god ! *_______*""""""""""""""""

FFfreak This kicks the crap out of my moogle costume.

Hee-Hee Oh. Oh! OH! I LOVE THIS! Vivi's my favorite FF character ever, and to see someone actually do a Vivi-cosplay justice is GREAT!! Incredible job-- I bow down to you~~!

neoangelwink best Vivi ever ^_^

Leandaradara *umschau* Das kann doch nciht sein das ich hier noch nciht gepostet hab x.X *ack* okay. . . just three words: BEST VIVI EVER!!!! in the world (okay okay okay Oo 6 words v///v) this is soo . . . *no word* I hope I can meet you at a con with this cos *__*

AyrielDarkmoon You look great!!! This is the best Vivi cosplay I've ever seen!!! Everything is perfect, congratulations! ^O^

CrimsonNataku That is a fabulous Vivi! Nice work.

Elycium you win. That is the best Vivi I've ever seen. Well done!

dandlit wowowow! your vivi is just fantastic!

Spookloops I can say nothing that hasn't been said already: but I have to agree, the very best Vivi ever! Very rarely can I say someone looks like they stepped directly from the game, but you did it! I see above that you're kneeling - WHERE's THE REST OF YOUR LEGS??? Are you a contortionist???? :)

Ken Hopkins contortionist? Not really, on this Pic you can see the rest of my legs. ^^ I thank´s everyone so much for your comments. ^_^

Hopie You are AMAZING. Seriously, I think if we saw you at a convention, my twin sister (Hee-Hee) would die of happiness. <3

radar_exe how did you do the feet? i've tryed to do the whole kneeling with shoes at my knees but its been very trublesome.....

Fire Lily This is just incredible cosplay ^.^ I've never seen it done better.

ChiyoChan oh my!! LOVE VIVI. this is awesome~!

negativedreamer so amazing!