Cocky snake bastard

Cocky snake bastard
@Evil Bishounen

I'm cocky and evil. And you can totally see my earrings! I love those suckers!

Thanks again to for the photoshoot!

Orochimaru, variant 1
Orochimaru, gallery 1
13 years ago

Solaria Holy cow you look so freaky here.

Cicatrice EEVIILL

Monogurui Wow, that's so evil. *Oogles at the evilness* Sugoi!!

mariksgrl &gt;.< omg OROCHIMARU SAMA!!! *dies*

WeretHekau one of the coolest orochimaru's i know...that drinks Dr. Pepper. XDDDD

Evil Bishounen So does that mean I'm cool because I'm Orochimaru, or I'm cool because I drink Dr Pepper? ;P

NytenGale yay!! n_n love it!

Tenebrae NICE job! Totally living up to your name there. Very evil, and bringing bishie out of a snake like Orochimaru takes some work. Your eye makeup is perfect (I love purple!) and those earrings look better than half the junk I see in the stores these days. -Tenebrae.

Eun Haha earings! They are so cool. And your costume is outstanding!

ryuuraigeki O____O Awesome....

zecarnevilcat Totally awesome... just love the expression...and make up..and earrings... X3

Prota-Girl o.0 HOLY CRAP!!! U look so much like Orochimaru-sama!!! o.o I mean it!!! *bows* Amazing cosplay!!!! :claps: