Rikku-chan Although I didn't quite finish the costume for Acen, I got her to a wearable point and decided to go ahead and just have fun in it! =) This costume was definitely a huge undertaking...and surprisingly I somehow managed to make all of what you see here in 3-4 days before Acen. This is in large thanks to all my amazing wonderful friends for the extra hands and late night support (I lovvvve you guys!! xoxoxxxx).
I realize the ice crystals on my face are on the wrong side, lol, and there's quite a few details/things missing (that's why the costume is at 80%). The wig is made entirely of yarn to mimic the look of dreads. I didn't get a chance to perfectly fix up the extra yarn is just tucked under in these photos XD *headdesk*. The body paint took 3 hrs to apply with Hiyoko-chan's help and I did my own face make up. I decided to go with a lavender body paint to go with her Figurine's look and more of her in-game renderings where her hair is also multi-colored. I definitely need to look into getting some brighter blue contacts gahhh T_T. I think that's pretty much it for now XD

Costume made/worn by me.

photographer: AnimeNut