Rikku-chan NEW COSTUME!! =D Made all from scratch minus the base bra.

Debuted this one at Acen 2011 this past weekend! This is Rikku's "Bare" dressphere from FFX-2 International Last Mission (only released in Japan). This is the dressphere the girls wear when they get low HP in the game and loose their real dressphere so they can only kick and punch in these outfits XD. Then they have to run back to the airship closet to get their dressphere back! LOL XD

Basically new everything including the wig and headband! Didn't wear contacts this year for any costume cause I was photographing so much my eyes were hurting XP.

Costume - Rikku from FFX-2 International Last Mission (Bare)

Photographer- FeatheredHearts (Akroma of CosplayEquinox)