ROSENxxxKREUZ This is the messenger bag that I made so that I’d have something to carry my stuff around when I’m in my Rosen Kreuz Orden cosplay. They’ve had Trinity Blood messenger bags, but I didn’t like them as they have a print of Abel’s cross on them and that doesn’t really match if your cosplaying someone from The Orden… so.. I made this. The Orden symbol is the real deal. It was a key chain that I ordered from FUNimantion, took the loops off of, used bolt cutters to trim the excess, sanded it, and attached it the bag. Iron crosses, embroidered roses, I tried to keep the trims the same colors as their uniforms and use trims that were military looking. Since it wasn’t an official messenger bag and didn’t say “Trinity Blood” on it… to reinforce the title of the show, I made this so that the roses and iron crosses are in a trinity and the red sheer trim streaked across it represents blood… which combined make up the title of the anime. I’m really happy with how it turned out! ^_^