Maakie Photoshoot location: NDSM Werf Amsterdam
Cosplayer: me (Maakie)
Photographer: Arian A

All pictures of november 12th and on have the new version of his wig!
From the first moment I saw Mai HiME I absolutely loved Nagi! The downside for me was that I thought his clothes were quite boring in the series... When a few years later My Otome came out and I watched it, Nagi was back...and with a way more badass outfit! Now I for sure had to cosplay him!

After being on my cosplay wishlist for quite some years, meeting another Mai HiME/Otome fan (cosplayer Acheta) convinced me to do this costume! ^w^

Since me and my boyfriend were also looking for which new couple cosplays to do, the combination of Sergay and Nagi was quickly formed and here we are now!

For all the old Work In Progress pictures from these costumes you can look here: