Rikku-chan I totally thought I uploaded this O_O

Teeny and I need to do a cousin FFX shoot this summer! Sadly This costume is kinda falling apart, but I'd like to give it a last horrah and do a Final Fantasy X shoot that I've always wanted to do since I first made the first version of this costume back in 2004. I think these two costumes will always be my favorite of ours because not only was FFX my first Final Fantasy and what got me into cosplay, but FFX Yuna was what Teeny was wearing when I first met her back at Acen 2007!! haha ^^

In light of that, I turn 21 I've been doing some life reflecting and I felt this photo kinda summed up a lot of why I cosplay. Sure, having accurate costumes with perfect seams and flawless wigs is something to strive for, but in the end it's the fun memories you make and the friends you're with that make it worthwhile! =)

Cheers, all!

ps: YES those are contacts!

Yuna and Rikku costumes made by their wearers

Yuna: Hiyoko-chan
Rikku: Rikku-chan (me)