kaliko_rosa Fusion of Powers

Cosplayers: Kaliko Rosa & Tenshi Musouka
Cosplays: Great Saiyaman #2, #1
Location: Although this is a photo manipulation, the pictures were taken at CNAX 2004.
Debuted at: CN Anime Expo 2004

Well, some of you might have seen these pictures before. I made a CG of my Videl cosplay with that background etc. for my account. I also made a separate one of my boyfriend's Gohan cosplay for his account. Since the pictures were designed to be so similar, I really wondered how they would like together. So here goes! i think it's pretty neat :)! Some of the elements were changed, but they fused together well. It's kinda like a loooooooong movie poster ^___^;;. It goes with my other "Great Saiyapeople" CG. Thankfully though, this isn't really a DBZ "fusion" XD.

Peace. Love. Anime.

Kaliko Rosa