Straywind I did a Rozen Maiden shoot at the beginning of October with Amanda (with help from Pan) and I'm thrilled with how the photos turned out! I've worn Shinku a few times in the past and I've done multiple shoots with different photographers, but one thing or another always plagued the photos. Either my wig was a mess or I was squinting in pictures. Not sure why I was so cursed with this costume as it's still one of the nicest costumes that I've ever made. Never mind the fact I burned one of the dress panels trying to iron it and the velveteen fabric of the dress was a nightmare to sew (and is fragile). The costume still looks really beautiful even 5 years after I made it.

This is one of my favourite shots from the shoot. You can really see the volume of the dress. I'm glad this wig worked out nicely! Pan cut the bangs for me just a few minutes before we started shooting. I've had this new wig since the fall of 2013 just waiting for a chance to wear Shinku again. I was too afraid to take it out of the bag before wearing it because it's a pretty delicate pre-styled wig. Glad it held up for the shoot!