MarineSnow My minor updated Rachel cosplay. I have changed the brown ribbon on the bow, lacing and mini ribbons on the bodice. Also, I'm wearing make up too! I never really put on make when I cosplayed as Rachel last year and I must say, make up DID REALLY make my Rachel cosplay stand out more when comparing this to last years photo of my Rachel cosplay. Make up credits goes to Ruth and Emily's friend (sorry, didn't quite catch your name)

The only slight disapointment was there were no mirrors in the venue, so had to rely on Ruth and Emily's friend to help me change into the costume and make sure everything looks okay. I was not happy how the rabbit hair ribbons were placed on my wig (see my other photos to see how it should have been placed), however I really appreciate their help and I probably would not have been able to put them on without my wonderful friends.

Photo taken by Dan on 5th March 2011 @ Conway Hall in London. Thank you so much Dan, I love this photo so much!