kaliko_rosa Cosplayers: Tenshi Musouka & Kaliko Rosa
Cosplays: Christmas Link & Christmas Saria from Legend of Zelda :3
Debuted at: December Toronto Anime con 2004

*squeeee* This is what random holiday boredom does to you. Well, I've noticed that many a people are posting up Christmas-version cosplay pics ^_^. So I thought, why not put up ours? We did these outfits on December 5th, so it feels like a while since then. But it was still very fun to get into the Christmas spirit! By cosplaying even ^_^.

I wanted this edit to seem like a greeting card. I hope everyone does have a happy and warm Christmas. Even if you don't get everything you want, or even if you can't be with people that you would like to be with, I hope that everyone still has a good meal, and good times with the friends and family that are with you tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

Peace. Love. Anime.

Kaliko Rosa