k_chan_009 Again, another shot of Sora and Marluxia from our UWA shoot. This shot was inspired by the skit that we had done during waicon.

i've been getting some questions about the picture, sooo...-
Yes I do have a DA account:
It was taken at UWA in Perth WA, Australia
It was mid summer = VERY HOT IN PLEATHER
I custom design ordered and styled the Sora wig
I custom design ordered the Marluxia wig, the wonderful and talanted Cescat/Alyssea styled and modeled it! (and what a sexy Mar-mar she made! ;)
I made my Keyblades (Oathkeeper in 18 hours)
Scythe was made by our friend Ronnie
We both made our own costumes.

Here is the link to our skit with these costumes [Copy&paste into address bar]:

Here is the link to our Backstreet-boys cosplay music video with this costumes [Copy&paste into address bar]: