Omgz! I see pr0n off in the distance!

Omgz! I see pr0n off in the distance!

Actually I should probably have a more surprised expression if I saw pr0n.

I was dumb and forgot to put my brooch/button/thing on for this picture. Probably because I was up all night finishing the costume and talking to Tog. ate one of my Andrea pictures, and I was going to re-uploaded, but I forgot which one it was... So I'll upload this one. :D

Thanks muchly to EurobeatKing/Al for the pictures.

Andrea Cavalcanti/Benedetto
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo
Andrea Cavalcanti/Benedetto
Andrea Cavalcanti
13 years ago

† Wolfwood † Hey, thats a fantastic photo shot! *.*

Imari-chan Nice picture shot. :P

Astro Aw! Thanks so much! <3 I love it too. :3 I looove that costume, but it's really uncomfortable.

Costuming_Fiend Ooooo so good!! ^^ Amazing photo effects, really adds to the mood. Wonderful job!

PanDo ahhh!!! It's so AWESOME!

Astro Thank you everyone! <3

MooMooMaki Omg! How have a missed this? This is such a good picture of you. :P <33 Lookin' good, Astro. ;D