She's got a bomb!!

She's got a bomb!!

Do those hands look natural to you? I hope not; I'm actually concealing a very small explosive device. Why? You tell me.

Princess Zelda
The Leged of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda
14 years ago

ska beam You make a great Zelda!!! Beautiful Costume!!!

OoTLink *speechless* It's very Princess-like :)

The-Real-Link Graceful as always. :)

Rosebud Aww, pretty costume! You make a wonderful Zelda!

Aneris very lovely Zelda. You have that 'princess' look on your face too. Nice!

kyandi-chan you're such a pretty pretty princess zelda! one of the bests ^^

AllStarAlice You of course without a doubt are the best Zelda, darling!! XDDDDD

Jaquii Thanks everyone! ^_^

SkullKid WHOA! you's the best Zelda I have seen-bows woo hoo!

Princess_Zelda so elegant, so lovely, need I say more??

Jedi Knight Wowza! This would make a good portfolio picture. Okay, you've got to do Twilight Princess Zelda!

Novalorien Cute!!! 'w'