Calne Ca (Calcium) - Vocaloid

Calne Ca (Calcium) - Vocaloid

A gifset I made a while ago when as promotional material for an event I was planned to be a guest at. The event was cancelled at the very last minute unfortunately and these gifs were never used. I thought it would be a waste if I did not upload them somewhere, so enjoy!

As gifs are not supported on this website, see: for the gifset

Calne Ca (Calcium) Cosplay made and worn by: Cosplay Maakie (me)

Picture made by: Winterman Photography


You can find my competition entry here:

All the Work In Progress of this outfit is moved to:


I'm a huge fan of Calne Ca's songs and looks and Deino is an amazing artist. This is my tribute to the character and her creator!

Calne Ca (Calcium)
1 year ago
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