Pictures from my Gurokawaii (with some Menhera-influences) coord, titled ‘black and white’.

Dress shirt: ‘Coffin Child Devil Sailor Dress Black’ by Listen Flavor
Tights: 'Melty Medicine Thigh Highs in Black/White’ by Cherry Cheezy
Garters: Heart Garter Belt Leg Ring in black and white (no brand)
Shoes: Converse All Stars - Limited Edition Gorillaz shoes.

Photographer: UWCosplay https://www.facebook.com/UnitedWorldwideCosplay

You may notice that I’m missing two pieces from what was earlier announced…my handmade pill choker and my bought small medical bag. I forgot both at home. :( But! I will soon wear this outfit again and hope to find someone willing to make some pictures of me again. :)

All the Work In Progress of this outfit is moved to: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/237212/

I was already very excited about J-Fashion and wore some pieces casually.

I recently decided to get 'really' into J-Fashion. I especially like menhera and gurokawa, so my first 'official' coord will be a mix of these styles.

I'm planning on buying most of the clothes and handcrafting the accessories.

Black-and-white coord
Menhera / Gurokawa coord
Black-and-white coord
Menhera / Gurokawa coord
8 months ago
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